Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The rain was so lovely last night. I'm hoping the rain tonight will begin before I go to sleep.
I woke this morning a little miserable, and then descended into somewhat deeper misery, missing David so much that I might've begged him to come sit with me and hold me, even for a few hours. Eventually though, somehow, things brightened. I filled the cases and watched the rain outside the window, and after the rain stopped I watched the fog thicken, and I read my book. My dad needed a ride to the doctor today, so I drove from work to school and took a nap in my car while I waited. After I was home, and my mother and Lorraine (our guest this week, and my mother's good friend from college, and Chloe's godmother) were home, I discovered that today, Lorraine bought us a dishwasher. A dishwasher, because ours is broken now and has long been gimpy and obnoxious anyway, and she was tired of it. That and also she's a saint. Yesterday she bought us a showerhead, because the old one had broken and was just sending out one strong yet of water. I didn't mind it (it washed the shampoo out of my hair faster), but she wasn't a fan.

Over the weekend I allowed myself to become addicted to Farmville and Zoo World, and I'm not sure exactly why. It's entertaining. Kelly and I sat last night on two computers in the same room and sent each other things for our zoos and farms. In between this we watched the Travel channel and experimented with bananas. We tried one-ingredient ice cream, which got off to a rough start. It finished rough too, actually, metaphorically speaking. Possibly this is because I froze the bananas overnight, rather than for two hours. Another pro tip: peel the bananas prior to freezing. Next we made "banana surprise," aka banana bread. That turned out a lot like banana bread. But tonight! Tonight I made frozen yogurt--the aforementioned mentoring project, minus the mentee and the reimbursement. But it worked! Honestly, if "put yogurt in ice cream maker, churn, eat" had not worked, I would have been concerned. We added a little for-real maple syrup from Highland County, and it was rather delicious. Best if served with Emma, Masterpiece Theater version.

I am probably forgetting something, but I'm going to go check out our new showerhead.

And happy birthday to Sara!


  1. Hey I'm copying down quotes. this passage from "The Watsons go to Birmingham -1963" could be anne lamott.

    -“He was also very wrong about there not being anything like magic powers or genies or angels. Maybe those weren’t the things that could make a run-over dog walk without wobbling but they were out there…Maybe they were in the way your father smiled at you even after you’d messed something up real bad. Maybe they were in the way you understood that your mother wasn’t trying to make you the laughing “sock” of the whole school when she’d call you over in front of a bunch of your friends and use spit on her finger to wipe the sleep out of your eyes. Maybe it was magic powers that let you know she was just being Momma. Maybe they were the reason that you really didn’t care when the kids would say, “Yuck! You let your momma slob on you?” and you had to say, “Shut up. That’s my momma, we got the same germs.”…Maybe there were genies in the way your sister would throw a stupid tea party for you and you had fun even though it was kind of embarrassing to sit at a little table and sip water out of plastic teacups…Maybe there were magic powers hiding in the way your older brother made all the worst thugs in the neighborhood play basketball with you even though you double-dribbled every time they threw you the ball…And I’m sure there was an angel in Birmingham when Grandma Sands wrapped her little arms around all of the Weird Watsons and said, “My fambly, my beautiful, beautiful fambly.”

  2. Give Lorraine a hug from me! I miss her! I keep thinking back on our trip to NY and missing it, haha. I wish I could listen to music as loudly as we did on the drive back.

    I'm really glad the frozen yogurt turned out better than the banana ice cream! My fingers are still crossed on ours... But my bananas have yet to ripen =(.

    Hooray for new dishwashers! And shower heads. That's really, really sweet!

    Also, I just realized something today. I probably on average only read one or two books a month, just because I don't get around to reading all the time - sometimes more, sometimes less of course... But if that's the case, that is only 12-24 books a year! How in the world will I read every book I want/need to read at that rate? And then, knowing that I can't possibly read every book that I would want to read in my lifetime, does this mean I should start paring down the good books from the bad? What criteria should I use to pick the books I read, knowing that I can only ever read a very limited number? Should I ever allow myself to reread books if I'm already missing out on a myriad of others I should know? Sheesh.

  3. David: that sounds like a pretty good read.

    Sara, here is the solution I have come up with for that problem: I read whatever the hell I feel like reading. I don't keep lists, though I do sometimes keep piles. When I'm about to start a new book, I look through what I have and pick up what looks most interesting at that moment. If none of it looks interesting, I go do the library. If I don't like the book I'm reading, I stop reading it. Less stress. Less pressure.