Saturday, January 9, 2010

Focus and shine.

I've spent part of the morning watching dust motes float through the sunlight that's falling beneath the dining room table. They're beautiful. They're like infinitesimal sparks or sparkles. I couldn't even see them; I could only see the reflection, the glow. And then I lost sight of them. I know they're still there, but I can't find the focus again.

That's interesting--that the motes can only be seen by their glowing; that they float so easily with the air, up, down, and around through both sun and shade; that I can lose sight of them so quickly and completely.

1 comment:

  1. Dust motes are evil. They make me cough and sneeze. When I see them glowing in the sun it makes me think how filthy even the cleanest of houses can be. (I'm a little OCD)

    If you focus on them, they're gone! Like the squiggly lines in your vision when you've been looking at a light for too long.

    Still... gross and painful.