Monday, January 18, 2010


As Taylor so astutely pointed out, I've not written yet today. Not a lot happened. Went to work, came home, ate salad with Mom and Chloe. I tried to walk Miley and she pulled out of her harness and ran away, and I had to resist the urge to scream filthy words through my neighborhood. Had I been able to catch her there would've been other things to resist. I texted Jack though, and he came and got her. I took my paycheck to the bank and went to the used bookstore in search of Breaking Dawn for Sara and Onion Girl for me and Sara, and found neither. They did, however, have the most recent Wheel of Time (is italics correct there? whatever.) book, and the first not written by Robert Jordan. :o(
I bought it against my better judgment. For $12! Oh well.
Next I went to Taylor's house and she and her mom fed me! Delicious chicken and salad. Zomg. I actually ended up talking more to her mom than to Taylor (no hard feelings!) about relationship stuff. Lots of crossroads popping up, it seems. Hard decisions to be made for everyone.
Chloe had a concert tonight so Taylo and I went, listened, whispered and made faces, talked to some people after, drove home in very close proximity to a giggly Chloe. I was all hyper for some reason, too.
She lent me some cds to burn! I want them but feel guilty. So we shall see. And she painted my nails. Yum.

The end(ish).

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  1. The Wheel of Time may be going the way of Star Wars books. I lost count of how many authors are on those things.

    Copyright laws are so vague.. There's not much to feel guilty about. If anyone suffers, they are rich enough to deal with it.