Monday, January 4, 2010

Things I want, both serious and otherwise.

I want a workshop poetry class. I want the closeness of a tight-knit friend network, like I had in college and in high school and on the dive team in middle school, or even on the internet a time or two. I want to be writing. I want the relationship I'm in to be closer, and I want him to be happier.

In addition, I would appreciate not having to shower so much. I mean, I like being clean, and I like showers. But the mental energy expenditure it takes to convince myself to just get up and go take one is kind of a pain. Same goes for laundry, except that I don't much enjoy doing laundry. I do, however, enjoy having clean clothes.

Did I mention that I want someone to write poetry with? I really do. This is an issue.

(Sometimes I worry about writing overly personal/embarrassing things here, but then I remember that no one reads it except Sara, on occasion. What a relief...)

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  1. haha.. but remember, you have a random stranger who is subscribed to your blog! Thanks for subscribing to mine. I like your writing.

    "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect."
    Anais Nin

    Writing poetry with someone is difficult unless you find someone with very similar experiences who doesn't insist on having their way with the prose.

    Keep blogging! I'm going to go do a post now...