Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sorry; updates.

Okay, so I'm sorry I haven't been writing at all or responding to emails. And I missed Friday, so I guess I owe the universe a poem.

I started my TESL class yesterday. Good, but intense. 9 hours a day, Saturday and Sunday, for this weekend and the next two. Gracious.

Still selling seafood for what nearly passes as a living these days.

Feeling pretty distant, but so far still keeping my head above water.

Also: I have discovered (aka seen but not tasted) the wonder that is the Ellwood Thompson's hot bar. I'm going to have to go back.

Today my mom met me for lunch, and we went to the college cafeteria to eat, as we didn't have a lot of time and there aren't a lot of options nearby. I definitely had my doubts, but it was so nice. It made me feel super nostalgic for Seacobeck hall--something I honestly never thought would be possible.


  1. yeeess...? who are you, anonymous?

  2. Glad to hear you haven't completely abandoned the internet! :-)

    You owe a poem to Friday more so than to the universe. Friday is very upset. It ruined Saturday out of spite.

    9 hours a day!? Series attention problems at hour 5, right?