Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just a few notes:

This top-secret craft project I am working on--it is a masterpiece. I think it's going to end up like Roger the papier-mache dinosaur--i.e., it will be so awesome that I won't want to give it away to its intended recipient. Hopefully I'll be able to let go of it though, eventually.

Last night I took Miley and Little Bit for a walk around 9, and it was gorgeous out. Miley was mostly behaving (that is, pulling like a maniac most of the time but not barking much) and Little Bit (whose leash we lost a few weeks ago) was feeling very spry and was frolicking around happily. The night was clear and the air was clear and the moon was almost full, and the light shining through the bare branches left very little doubt in my mind as to the inspiration for mithril. I mean, seriously, I was walking and trying to describe the color and the light in my mind, and I thought, "Silver? No. The color is too dull and the metal isn't quite right. Oh! Mithril! It is exactly like Mithril!" Which makes sense of course, since mithril "mirrors only starlight, and moonlight."

Lastly, here is an exchange that took place between my mother and father and myself last night at dinner. I have to say that my part in the silliness was completely accidental.
Mom: [something about frankincense].
Dad: That's myrrh-der!
Me: Really?
Dad: What? That was gold!
Me: Dad, that last one was the straw that broke the camel's back.
har har.

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  1. Now I know what's happened to all the extra tequila you used to have... You shared it all with your parents.

    Oooo... a mithril night? Sounds fun.
    But the branches were bare, right? That can be a little creepy and witchy in the right setting.