Friday, October 29, 2010

The Arts

Tonight was "The Sound of Music," performed by the kids from my highschool, plus a few from middle and lower school as well to make up the Von Trapp kids. Long movie, yeah? It's a long play too. The intermission came an hour and a half in. They did a pretty decent job though.

Relatedly: am I the only one bothered by the practice of giving a standing ovation for pretty much every performance of anything ever? Am I wrong in thinking that a standing ovation should be reserved for special occasions? I hate to break it to everybody, but the way things are now, a standing ovation pretty much doesn't mean shit. So I didn't stand, and I felt like a curmudgeon. Just like every other time I didn't stand.

In case anyone other than Sara has been reading my formspring, which I doubt, but whatever, I have remembered an answer to the "favorite food" question. It is this: toast (preferably potato bread toast) soaked in the juice left over from cooking meat in a pan. Pot roast will do; roast chicken is miraculous.

It's finally cooling off, at least for a little while. Should get down into the forties tonight, I hear. I haven't checked the weather.

The moon rose sleepily tonight, heavy-lidded and cycloptic, and peered down through the trees. Miley, true to form, was a pill half of the time and angelic the rest. Oh well. I have to be up at eight tomorrow to get to the RBA and help stuff envelopes, and I've been yawning since seven. Better get to bed.


  1. But how was the play really?? I wish I could have seen it... I really like the Sound of Music. Though maybe my love of the original would lessen my enjoyment of the Collegiate version.. Hm.

  2. It wasn't awesome, but they did a pretty good job. A lot of the notes in those songs are pretty hard to hit and hold, for example, and some of the acting lacked subtlety. But they are in high school, and they did pretty well.