Thursday, October 28, 2010

Navel-gazing, and otherness

I keep intending to post things and...not doing it. How unlike me.

Also unlike me*: I have been really wondering/hoping to figure out what on earth I want to do with myself. I shoot down every option. Sometimes in the middle of this I think, "you know, I'd really just like to be a housewife." This is a completely ridiculous idea. Perhaps someday I could make that work, but the me that I am right now could not. I would be utterly bored, completely aimless, probably depressed, and most importantly, would fail at fulfilling the duties of a housewife, i.e., keeping the house reasonably clean and making edible things to eat. It isn't that I can't clean and cook--it's that I wouldn't. Time drags by remarkably quickly when you're not doing anything.

Anyway, I just took an hour.5 break from writing this and went and applied for stuff on Craigslist, which is, inexplicably**, my job-hunting method of choice. Want to know which one I'm most excited about? Installing bleachers and stuff in gyms. Choice number two: working in a print shop. PS, I am sick of people and having to act all professional and crap. (Irony intended.) It's not that I don't have people skills, it's just that I don't want to use the make-fake-nice ones.

I really need to find a niche.

On having meant to write: I keep meaning to write things about the moon (a frequently intended topic) and about wild storm winds blowing through the trees at night, and about owls winging overhead and fall leaves swirling and racing across the road in the rain, but it just doesn't get done. However! I did actually stop at the UPS store today and return the pair of boots that didn't fit! This was a huge feat because it involved the post, despite the fact that the return shipping was free and that I pass the UPS store every day on my way to work or almost anywhere else. Also I bought a stamp! I am that much closer to mailing the letter I mostly wrote to Larry two < three weeks ago.

Is anyone here a fan of Sherlock Holmes? I am, in that my mom loves the series and I grew up on "Basil of Baker Street" and "Slylock Fox" and watched the new movie with the guy from Iron Man and then just now watched the first episode of the new, modernized Masterpiece Mystery series, "Sherlock," on PBS. It was awesome. You should watch it. It comes on Sundays at 9 EST and then is re-aired the following Wednesday at the same time. Benedict Cumberpatch stars and delivers the peach of a line, "I'm not a psychopath, Anderson, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research." Also starring (as Watson) is that one guy (okay, Martin Freeman) from Love Actually and the criminally mediocre HHG film adaptation. I love him wherever he goes, and this miniseries is no exception.

*Please, please do note the sarcasm here, and in many places in which I write. I have an uncle who consistently fails to do so, and when this happens I begin to wonder about the sort of impression I give.

**That's not exactly true. When you apply on CL you do run the risk of getting spammed/identity thefted/otherwise scammed, but you don't have to fill out stupid long applications or, like, actually use a telephone or visit a business. I've got priorities, ok?

***Did that make sense? More than two, less than three.

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