Sunday, October 10, 2010


Somehow, I have this craving--often--for a website that is me, and people who love me. I look for a reflection of my real self and my real affections and loves and relationships on the internet. I guess I look for affection and perhaps for purpose, for a solid idea of who I am, that I haven't figured out how to find and hold on to in real life. Of course, it's never there. I know it will never be there. But I get this craving and I go stare at my facebook profile for a moment, and then at my blog front page, hoping and searching. And then I usually either go to or go wander around the house. Sad, right?

The Electric Crowd has just come on the radio. Public radio on the weekend really is so good. I don't usually listen to it--I never remember and I'm often out on weekends--but it's so great. Prairie Home Companion, Out of the Blue Radio Review, The Mountain Stage, The Electric Crowd, The Thistle and Shamrock, Piano Jazz... wonderful, wonderful programming.

I rode the shuttle back to my side of town with aching thighs and an aching lower back from wandering around the Festival all day and from dancing like a crazy person to Haitian music with Kelly, Maggie, Junior, and Erica. It was pretty great.

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