Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Video skyping is pretty awesome. I like having a webcam again.

TED talks: also pretty awesome. Here's one on an idea (already in use) to replace styrofoam used in shipping and packaging with mycelium. They upcycle agricultural waste products into shipping materials. It's super cool, but call me when it can be used for disposable cups and takeout containers.

I was told tonight by my dad about Evernote (just www.evernote.com), which is a free online storage-and-bookmark thing, as far as I can tell. I haven't really tried it yet, but he seems enthusiastic.

Also, I think that all of you should get formspring accounts and make my afternoons more entertaining.

ALSO, I just found this when I was trying to figure out whether mycobond (the mycelium antistyrofoam) can be utilized to form food-safe containers. I never did find information on that, but I stumbled across this. It seems to be a sort of database of innovative ideas with regard to materials ranging from cloth to lighting. The stuff I'm finding is really, really awesome. Go check it out. You will not be sorry.

And Badger Balm. They sell it at Cracker Barrel, among other places. They have a sale. I want to buy things, but my car is a jealous lover.

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