Friday, October 22, 2010

A full moon.

I took Miley for our nightly walk under the full fall (harvest?) moon, and it was so bright that at times the tree shadows looked like papercuts laid out on the road. It was bright enough almost to read a book, bright enough for a midnight walk in the woods, enough to see my breath misting and dissipating as I looked up into the night's shining* eye. There were a few late-season crickets still singing, but the owls I had heard calling back and forth during our earlier (7 pm) walk were not in attendance. These lined Crocs worn with socks feel like slippers, and I was so cozy in the cool, clear night air that if the temperature had been ten degrees cooler, it would have felt like really real winter. It was a very nice walk.

*I had planned to use "bright" here, and I am sad that I can't. Repetition for effect can be nice, but redundancy is more difficult to discern in a mental composition. Luckily it usually shows up rather clearly on paper or on a screen.

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