Monday, October 18, 2010

It's in the eye of the beholder.

Mostly trash, in my opinion: tv. I know I harp on it sometimes, and I know I watch it sometimes, but honestly? I don't plan on buying one when I get my own place, or even having one unless one is given to me. If it is, I must admit that it'll probably live in the closet (to be pulled out for special occasions), or under the kitchen table and against the wall like last time. I dislike it enough that I get really annoyed when I am outside at night and I can hear the sounds of a television floating out through someone's open window, or see the lights flashing out through the open curtains and into my very yard. Is that unreasonable?

On a more positive note, I made it back to my hometown with minimal incident today, and even minimal issues with traffic considering that I barely scraped through DC and NoVa before rush hour really hit. The total "car issues" bill for the past seven days is currently hovering around $265, not including gas or the WD-40 I bought to replace that which I had stupidly allowed myself to use up. Please, no more.

Something super cool, and again regarding the title of the post: how open-minded are you about swimming? You can make a skate park out of a pool, but out of what can you make a pool? I realize that in the eyes of some I'm a little behind the times on this. Months behind. I don't read the news, okay? I just follow links. Don't judge me.

Speaking of which, ways in which I am becoming my father #1: I have begun listening to NPR while driving in the car (you know, as opposed to driving in the sofa) or working in the kitchen. Don't... you know. I do what I want.


  1. Oh my gosh, it looks like blogger fixed commenting. I am ecstatic! I am with you on the tv thing. I am much happier with it off. While I really like certain programs, or I'm entertained by w/e on television, I really strongly dislike tv. When it's on it monopolizes my attention, constantly distracts me, and generally makes me feel like I'm being unproductive and wasting my time. Ugh! I'd rather have nothing to do and therefore need to *find* something to do and actually accomplish stuff rather than squander away that time where I could be doing *something* by watching crap on tv. Even if I enjoy watching that crap in the moment.

  2. Also, there are worst things to become than to see yourself as being similar to your father. Your dad's amazing! Also, listening to NPR is amazing too. I feel like you're just becoming an older gentleman in general. I mean, you'd probably wear a jacket with padded elbows if you have one (actually, *don't* you have one?). I can see you sitting on the porch and yelling at 'young whippersnappers' (get that tv glare off my lawn!), and napping in sunbeams.

    Yes, I think you have an old man trapped inside you.

  3. I feel exactly the same about tv. There certainly are shows that I really like/find interesting: NCIS, Discovery Health stuff, Glee, etc--but I really could live without them. I would rather be doing anything else. I do like movies, but still, I hardly ever watch them at home. So distracting, so unproductive, such a waste.

    And I know, I know, I love my dad. I just thought it was really funny yesterday when I was driving home from MD (finally) and turned on NPR around King's Dominion. It was All Things Considered and the news, and I liked it. And then I realized that this NPR thing is becoming a pattern, and yes, I am becoming an old man.

    Do I have one? But yeah that's totally me.