Friday, October 1, 2010

Quick and dirty "I'm about to be late" version

This morning I went downtown, half asleep, to help my aunt clean out her pantry so that one of my uncles can do some work in there. First I had to wash a shelf, then I could start pulling things out of the pantry and matching lids to storage containers, throwing things away, and so on. She fed me kippers and grits with cheese and tomato, and gave me English breakfast tea to wake me up. Delicious. I was done at 3ish rather than 1 as was planned, but it was okay.

I met David for lunch. I met David for lunch! And neither of us even died, or cried, which was pretty nice I must say. I did start feeling a little melancholy toward the end, but mostly it was really nice. We had some Thai food and then we sat on a stoop in the sun on 17th street and listened to a band setting up and beginning their set at the farmer's market, and talked. He said my feet looked pretty in my shoes. We talked about life, and how things are going for each of us, and how we should proceed. It was really nice.

I have to go babysit. Peace(/h) out.

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