Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sometimes, I have a bit of a one-track mind.

I really want to learn to dance to zydeco. Have I mentioned this before? I really do. I must admit that it started when I heard the Paul Simon song "That Was Your Mother," and then it hugely intensified when I saw a few people really do it well. There are plenty of videos of it on youtube, but although I've seen people dance it well in real life several times, I have only found one video of the dance being done justice. Unfortunately, it's pretty much the worst quality video imaginable. I have a feeling I've posted it before, but whatever. Friends, I give you "Harold & Mandy dancing Zydeco":

There are a couple of others that are good, but not quite magical...

Here's Harold and... some other chick I don't have the name of,

And here is a clip of a guy and woman dancing zydeco, though their frame is really weird here,

And HERE is a video of some footwork. Really, aside from the general fabulousness, it's the spins that are my favorite, and it's the floating-across-the-floor heel-knee-toe-turn-slide stuff that I can't wrap my head around. Good gracious.

Lastly, this was one of my favorite songs long, long before I ever even heard the word zydeco. I had never seen the music video before just now:

PS: if you go rifling through the zydeco dancing videos on Youtube, you may notice (as I did) that there are lots and lots of videos, posted by different people, of the same couple dancing at random festivals throughout Louisiana. They don't always show up at the beginning of the video, but they usually dress to match each other, they always wear cowboy boots, and they always have enormous belt buckles. It's pretty awesome.

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