Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Price Of Doing Business

Well the auto glass is finally all out of my car, and all of the old urethane glue has been removed, thanks to work by myself and tips by my uncle Bud. I did sustain a small cut on my wrist and a lot of urethane under my nails, but otherwise everything is cool. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a new window in there, all fresh and clean for my trip through the mixing bowl and up into MD.  I took a few pictures, but--you may be shocked to hear this--I don't feel like posting them at the moment.

I think I mentioned that I made a formspring. Thank you, whoever asked questions! It would be cool though to know who you are.

Lastly, as a continuation of this crazy link-posting streak I've been on lately, here's one I clicked to from facebook, and was really surprised by: Halogen TV, a channel concerned with social change for the better. Their website is full of articles on fair trade and global causes, and they have buckets of petitions to sign. I just added my name to one (and edited/added to the form letter a bit) to Hershey chocolate about their really uncool practice of buying from cocoa manufacturers that utilize child labor in their production. The one I originally clicked to was a little odd--they didn't say what the petition was for, so I must admit that I am skeptical. However, for each signature they were donating $5 toward the drilling of a clean well in Africa--not sure whether they specified a country. Anyway, visit. See what you think.

(The "do you drink coffee" link from the previous post, in case you didn't click it and find out, was another about donating toward clean water, medicine, etc for people in African countries.)

Last thing: today this blog passed 2,000 all-time views! A drop in the bucket for some, but sort of exciting for me.

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