Wednesday, March 2, 2011


because I always forget what I want for my birthday and my birthday is coming up (sort of in the way it's always "almost" a little kid's birthday) in a couple of months, here is the beginning of a running list. Iwant:

-This dress. Is it flattering? Almost certainly not. Ask me if I care.

-This scent. (In whatever incarnation.) And the other tomato scent they sell on the site. (One is leaves; one is seeds.) Yes, tomato. That is what I want to smell like. Few things make me happier than a good tomato in the sunshine, and smelling a tomato is about as close as you can get when it's January outside. Don't even talk to me about those pasty, mealy January tomatoes. Those are not even worthy of the name.

Some of those elastic belts. I like those. Also, sparkly clothing, esp. leggings or tank tops. Not so much jackets. Not so much jackets at all. Nor socks, neither.

I really need to shut up and go to bed.

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