Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a jerk.

Clearly I was up late last night, and far later than the time stamp on my last post would suggest, because after posting I stayed online for a while, and after closing the computer I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart around 1:30 am. We've needed groceries for days, but I kept running out of time or putting it off. I turned off my light shortly after 3 am. So this morning, when my door was pushed open at 8:30 am with an announcement of "Miley escaped" and a request for aid, my thought was pretty much "whatever. She'll get bored and come back soon." And that's usually the case. However, this morning she got into a fight with a cat underneath our neighbor's shed, and with increasing anger on both sides, I (in my defense, unaware of the fight) sleepily ignored another request or two to get up, get dressed and assist. My brother (Miley's actual owner, I'd like to point out) was called in. I heard none of this, but apparently she got pretty scratched up, and she is feeling quite subdued this afternoon. I am currently letting her snuggle in my lap for moral support, which makes her stop shaking and makes me feel a little bit less like a horrible human being.

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  1. Poor pupster! Perhaps she'll know better than to tangle with a cat now at least?