Friday, March 18, 2011

What the F

Why the crap am I still awake? Somebody please explain to me why the hell I'm still awake. I'm a moron.

Still feeding my addiction to that stupid POF website. I'm a sucker for low-pressure email friends. And it's like Lays. No, not that you can't eat just one--more that (generally speaking) they were never very good, but you just can't stop eating them anyway, because they're crunchy and greasy and give you something to do. It's an issue. Somebody smack me. I should just go hit on guys at the gas station instead. I considered doing this, the other day, but drove off before the plan was fully formed in my mind. (Read: wimped out.)

My Bon Ami du Festival stuff came in the mail today: shirt, sticker, handwritten note, and membership discount card. FTW. I'm too tired though to be all that enthused about it. How strange.

There's more to write, but dammit, it's 3:15. Forget it. Goodnight.

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