Thursday, March 10, 2011


It rained all night and has rained all of today, and it is wonderful. It is a beautiful, soft, gentle rain. I've been house sitting for Sara's parents this week, and not much of interest has happened that I wanted to talk about here, so if anyone has been frustrated with the lack of communication (doubtful), then that's why. But this rain--I've left the sliding door in the kitchen open all day to let the fresh air in, and gone wandering barefoot in the back yard a few times. There's a pretty excellent puddle down at the other end of the house. And the small fishless fish pond at the corner of the patio is filled right up to the brim, with the water gently lapping against the moss that grows around the edge. It is lovely. I can't even tell you how much I love the sound of my feet stepping into the water, by the way--the excellent puddle or the little pond. It is a gorgeous sound, and it sounds like summer evenings at the swim hole in the mountains. This one:

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  1. I love this rain writing, and this photograph.

    It's raining here in New York today, too. I am wearing my wonderfully comfortable waterproof winter boots, and splashing through sidewalk puddles and intersection lagoons with a certain gleeful abandon. I will be a little bit sad when spring really kicks in and it gets too hot to justify or be comfortable in winter boots -- they're the only good rain shoes I've got.