Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday near migrainey

House sitting has begun! All of a sudden it's 18x more difficult (once again) to convince myself to go paint. With rollers. I hate rollers. Also my head hurts. NEGATIVITY.

Online dating friend-making... oh I'm such a loser. It hurts me even to type references to this out loud. Also there are a surprising (not surprising maybe, but in order to shield my faith in the human race from annihilation I will endeavor to convince myself that I am surprised) number of people who can't write, spell, punctuate*, or carry on a conversation via text. Who expects to make friends with email exchanges like "hey" "How was your weekend?" "bad" "Oh, I'm sorry, that sucks. What was so bad?" "I had to work all weekend"

Yeah I totally want to hang out with you now. I'm not saying lie, I'm just saying converse. I mean, how old are you? Jeez.

Also: I didn't quite mention yesterday, and feel the need to mention today, that I did not intend to make this profile. I intended to just sort of wander around for a few minutes whilst I waited for my babysitting job to end and convince myself that there were, indeed, a handful of people worth talking to in Richmond. Sort of a mental pep-talk. But then I wasn't allowed to see more than three or so profiles without making my own. So I made my own. This is exactly what happened with xanga and facebook and blogger and plants vs zombies. If that's not foreboding, I don't know what is.

I wish I had something to say that was interesting and mostly, extremely wish there were something unrelated to it-which-must-not-be-named, but though my Sunday was relatively enjoyable, it didn't consist of much that would be fun or interesting to write about. The rain was nice, though. The rain was lovely actually. I spent some time wandering around the backyard and dancing in it and standing barefoot in puddles. The rain picked up though in the evening. And it's sort of incredible how quickly wind can transform the world from mud-luscious and puddle wonderful to just cold and wet and nasty. There was a certain charm though to the cold windy wetness, once I adjusted to the temperature. It began to feel less like cold nastiness and more like raw swirling wind-whipped energy.

Now, though, aside from telling myself that I should be painting with rollers, I am drinking water in an attempt to dissipate this headache, watching lovely spring birds play outside the window, and whittling away my self-respect online. (It happens.)

in Just-
spring       when the world is mud-
luscious the little lame baloonman 

whistles       far       and wee 

and eddyandbill come 
running from marbles and 
piracies and it's 

when the world is puddle-wonderful 

the queer 
old baloonman whistles 
far       and       wee 
and bettyandisbel come dancing 

from hop-scotch and jump-rope and 


baloonMan       whistles 

*Seriously--it is really bad. Does a space count as punctuation? Because there are spaces in the middle of words, and there is an obscene amount of punctuation that is just entirely MIA. It... it hurts me a little.

**Evidence of a headache: " wish I had something interesting to say that was interesting." Let me know if there are any other ridiculous typos that I've missed.

More evidence:

I just realized that my shirt is on inside out.

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