Sunday, March 20, 2011

There should be more introspection.

I mean, isn't that the point of all this?

Things (not introspection) :

As I took a break from my painting and consumed a grilled cheese sandwich this afternoon on the steps, I watched a sweet, scrawny little spring robin scoot around the yard. He looked a little scruffy, and he reminded me of a meerkat the way he'd run forward a little way, stand up straight, look around suspiciously, then make a few furtive pecks at the ground before scooting off in another direction.

Here is what I was taking a break from:

Do you know how hard I worked to not screw up that manicure today? Really hard. 

Before painting, I met my family (that is, my mother and almost all of her siblings and their spouses/significant others) at a local coffee shop for breakfast. I was informed of this gathering only last night, but it's my youngest uncle's birthday, so I stopped by for a few minutes before work. I wasn't thinking and I left my camera in the car, but took this with my phone:

It didn't come out extremely well, but this is balanced by the fact that if it were a good picture, i.e. a picture taken with a real camera, you wouldn't be seeing it. You know I never upload photos from my actual camera. That is way too much work.

I love the birthday gatherings my aunts and uncles hold for one another. I love that I have a mother who tells me about these things and includes me in them.

Hey, apparently, now that it's past midnight, today is the first day of spring. Isn't that exciting? It is. It is exciting.

Introspection just seems to slip my mind lately. It wanders in, but by the time I sit down here, the train has left the station.

Somebody date me. I say this as though I just gladly jump into relationships when they're offered. SIGH.

I have been noticing lately that in my writing there are words that just don't seem to stand out enough. I'm trying to think of a way to make this make sense, but maybe it's not even a real issue anyway. Maybe I just don't notice them because when I read back over something I've written, I skim a little bit. It's just that I've noticed that there have been important words that seemed to disappear between those around them, and get lost in the confusion. Maybe I'll work on this.

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