Saturday, March 5, 2011


I love V8 juice. I love the taste, I love the texture, and I love that I feel good about myself when I drink it--because it's made of vegetables and fruit. I used to have a near-obsession with orange juice, but since my body had decided that it isn't okay with things that are as acidic as orange juice, V8 has gained favor. The fact that it's made with tomatoes helps. I am crazy about tomatoes.

Other things I love, in descending order:

My cousin Sara. We hardly ever hang out, but she is fabulous. We hung out tonight--I was going to go over there to watch a movie, but I stayed for six hours, just talking. We're much more similar than I had realized. Hopefully this mutual realization will lead to us actually spending real time together outside of family gatherings.

Easy A. We watched it tonight. It's kind of stupid in a lot of ways, and I definitely wouldn't want to watch it with certain people, but I loved the wit. And I loved the girl's family in the movie, particularly the father.

And now, at this ridiculously late hour, I am finally going to sleep. Adieu, internet! Until we meet again.

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