Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And this is why I love my facebook news feed.

Murder in the Time of Cholera pro bono investigation:
This is historically fascinating, and I don't have a problem with the author putting the "paranormal investigation" stuff into the article--but to end with it, as though that's the whole point and this is a glorified ad for "Ghost Hunters," seems a little extreme. And stupid.

The care and keeping of your introvert:
I am, as usual, interested to read an article on "how introverts are" vs "how extroverts are," and find that I fit into neither category. People make me tired, so I consider myself to be an introvert. But people sometimes make me feel energized in the short term, so I can appear to be an extrovert. I do not feel that I am shy, but I am often reserved upon meeting strangers, particularly groups of strangers. However, around people I know well, I can sometimes be gregarious to the point of obnoxiousness. I do tend to "think by talking (or writing)," which the author cites as an extroverted tendency, but I value my time alone, and I'll almost literally collapse if I try to go too long without it. Yes. Interesting.

Scientists create the first [stable] artificial leaf:
SCIENCE FTW. I am even more impressed with the fact that PopSci has (evidently) published an article on a scientific advance that has actually happened. The comments thus far on this article are pretty amusing, by the way.

Teen girl pistol-whips misguided mother for used sports car:
I just want to say, WTF. Not only that some girl actually pistol-whipped her mother for a used car, but that her mother did not press charges because she wanted to make sure that her sociopath of a daughter could still go to YALE. Or whatever other Ivy-League school. Has she even heard of priorities? What is WRONG with people?

"Safer Birth in a Barn" (speaking of mothers):
Obviously there are things that can go wrong with a birth, and I agree that it's good to have a doctor nearby in case of an emergency. In this article, which is about a horse, hence the barn setting, there is a vet nearby. The difference is in perspective, in motivation, in trust, and in respect. And, if you ask me, in idiocy. Thoughts?

Lastly, this. Jessica's Daily Affirmation:

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