Monday, April 26, 2010

Days spent in Lafayette: 3.5

Nights spent in Louisiana*: 4

Items bought:
rings (3)
necklace (1)
hammock (1)
Festival t-shirt (1)
Festival water bottle (1)
Festival pins (2)
Festival flip-flops (1 pair)
bracelet (1)
strawberry daiquiri (1)
(Total: $136.50. Ouch. But then, I had been saving up and planning to actually buy things at this festival, because usually I go to fairs and festivals and buy nothing at all.)

Items narrowly escaped:
belly dancing skirt ($16), brightly colored hanging cotton lampshade ($25), fleur-des-lis necklaces ($25 or $32), Mucca Pazza cd, La Excelencia cd, Lunasa cd.

Tan lines acquired: flip-flop**, tank top, off-the-shoulder t-shirt, possibly skirt. (Total, 3 or 4, counting flip-flop tan lines as one.)

Festival International plastic cups collected: 25***

Crawfish boils attended****: 1
Crawfish etoufees eaten: 1
Crawfish eaten: a lot

Internet connnections available at Martin's house: 0

A realization: Richmond, Va radio < Lafayette, La radio

Sunburned body parts: ~6

Bayous explored: 0

Fleur-des-lis acquired: 0

Bands listened to for the first time: 18

Cajun foods eaten: 4
     Crawfish etoufee
     Black eyed peas and rice
     Fried catfish
     Crawfish boil

Afternoons/evenings spent hanging out with cousin Martin: 4 (Thumbs-up)

Festival International water bottles left on the plane from Baton Rouge: 1

Cds broken upon removal from the case: 1 (De Temps Antan, fml)

Pictures to follow.

*Places slept in: 4
**Time spent wearing flip-flops at Festival: 1.5 days
***People were just dropping them on the ground or throwing them away!
****Pairs of contacts ruined by removing contacts without washing hands thoroughly enough after attending a crawfish boil: 1. (Hot sauce and contacts are, evidently, long-lost bff's. Hot sauce and eyes, on the other hand, do not get along well.)

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  1. Haha, I love this list and I'm dying to see pictures! That's really cool you got so many cups - super lame you lost the water bottle - amazing that the airline might be able to get it back to you.