Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fifty or so links, and approximately one zillion pictures.

For Mother's Day, my mom said she wants the three of us--me, herself, and Chloe--to record three songs together at my cousin's house in the basement recording studio. She wants the first song to be "Come Thou, Long Expected Jesus" and the second to be "Hard Times," by East Mountain South. I want the third to be "One Voice," by The Wailin Jennys.

Speaking of music, I have fallen in love with WMRN, or WNRN, or whatever is 103.1 in Richmond. They play good music. Almost all the time. Plus, they avoid commercials. At the beginning/end of each hour they say "this hour was supported by" or "this hour will be made possible by" and then mention a few companies, and then go back to playing fantastic music that doesn't get played on any other stations. Today I heard music that as far as I know has never seen airtime on any pop stations from She & Him, Macy Gray, Paolo Nutini, and John Mayer. Yeah, Macy and John have definitely gotten on pop stations, but I hadn't ever heard or heard of the songs of theirs that I heard today. I love, I love, I love this station. Ok, I looked them up. God bless you, WNRN.

Sara sent me a care package today! Or rather, I guess she sent it several days ago. But to me was delivered a care package today via USPS (? I am making that up instead of checking) from Sara. It had a cd in it. Good times. I love cds. I am raking them in this week! Two of Mr Robert Marley from Artimus, and one of aural awesomeness from Sara. Yay. Also included in said care package were two pictures by local (at the time of purchase) Vancouver artists, one "Truffle Pig" candy bar, and maybe some other stuff that I forgot right now. It's in my room. If I get up Chloe will steal my computer. Deal.

And now, fotografias.

That time I took Marina to the park:

On how I think pollen is pretty:

Pictures from Camp, including those I took in order to tell the time whilst caving*:

"Does this thing have a time stamp?"

"What time is it? Hey, look at this flowstone!"

"Ok what time is it now? By the way there are a bunch of bats over here. Keep your head low."

"What about now? Take the picture of Kate--her first trip into Crossroads!"
(There were a few more pictures taken in the cave, but they sucked even worse.)

In which Chloe and I set up her Advanced Art installation, much of which included determining the placement of that one mirror we didn't end up using anyway. Also, in which we go check out other peoples' installations:

When I made hummus and some other stuff and mom made most very delicious strawberry shortcake for dessert:

After the movie, when Kelly gave up shopping before dinner to help me leave Chloe a car, because she is Just That Nice and so accompanied me to Chloe's art opening-type thing:

And then when Kelly and I went shopping the next day instead, and got those fantastic $4 rain coats from Old Navy, and actually I bought a green one, and then we took some pictures at my house:

(Don't tell her I posted that one.)

Oh hey, and here is Chloe as Touchstone in Collegiate's rendition of Shakespeare's "As You Like It." Sorry my camera's video and audio are so bad here:

*As we were about to enter the cave, I realized that I had left my phone in the equipment room when I changed into caving (aka baseball) pants. Soon thereafter followed the realization that Kelly didn't have her phone either, and neither did JP. Kate, being seven years of age, does not possess a phone. Obviously none of us wear watches, because we can just check our phones to see the time. Luckily I had my camera in the car, which I thought might have a time stamp. Indeed, my camera has a time stamp--one which is even close to the correct time! So we took pictures throughout our caving venture in order to ascertain the increasing seriousness of our current lateness for lunch. (Cavers are always late for lunch. It's a rule.)

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  1. I think the caving pictures are fantastic. And by that I mean that I think all the pictures are great - but the caving ones amuse me the most because of the awesome captions (explained/made way better by the note at the end!) :-D