Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lorraine took us to breakfast today, and left from the restaurant. It was wonderful to have her here. Dad and I went to the thrift store across the parking lot, and I found some $3 slip-on flats, which are nice to have after wearing nothing but tennis shoes for months and months. I also got a skirt, some athletic shorts, and a windbreaker ($5, $3, $5). I love thrift stores. I also appreciate people putting up with lists of my thrift store purchases, or at least pretending to.

Kelly and I had planned to go to Belle Isle today, but the timing didn't work out and we plan to go later this week. Today she, Maggie, Jenny and I dyed Easter eggs instead, which was fun. Aaand that was about everything I did today. Good times. Bonne nuit.

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