Saturday, April 3, 2010

I keep meaning to write on here and then forgetting what I was going to say. But let me start with this:

our new dishwasher is magical. It is magical mainly in the sense that it is actually new--it smells like plastic inside. It has been used only twice ever, and both times by us. I'm not sure it's possible for any of you to grasp the awesomeness of this situation. In addition, this dishwasher is (for the present) securely fastened to the overlying countertop. What this means is that the dishwasher stays in place, rather than falling forward whenever one of the racks is pulled forward. That's a key feature in a dishwasher. Also, the soap holder actually holds the soap until it is time for the soap to be used, AND water sprays out of every single one of the water sprayers during the wash cycle. Miraculous? I'd say so.

Secondly, tonight I cooked mahi mahi and it was actually good to eat. I consider this quite an accomplishment. We all ate in the living room while watching The Princess and the Frog, which Chloe and Lorraine had not seen. I need* to get that soundtrack. If I'm ever standing up while that music is playing, I can't keep myself from dancing. This was true even with the headache I had all afternoon.

Suddenly I am having trouble remembering what I did yesterday. Possibly nothing? I did talk to Sara though; that was nice.

Wednesday Kelly and I went to Maymont. Glorious! The animals of the Children's Barn weren't outside, but the bears were in view, and the waterfall at the gardens was on. That's my favorite part anyway. We sat in the sun and put our feet in the cold water.

Good news: my interest in zoo world/farmville is beginning to wane.

Bad (?) news: I am still sad over everything about me and David, though for the most part I've hidden it away from myself. I catch glimpses of it where it pushes up through the carpet I've laid down, or where the fabric I'm walking over has worn thin, and it hurts. I don't really know how to look at it.

Tomorrow: Goodbye breakfast with Lorraine at the Paradise Diner, Belle Isle and possibly "baking" and painting with Kelly, and maybe even Easter eggs. How on earth is it Easter already?

*Apologies for the plethora of italicized words.

P.S.: I could have sworn that "outside" was a tag I had used plenty of times before, but it isn't showing up. This is irritating.

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