Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love Lindsey's babies so much that I am having a hard time accepting that, technically, I will only have Ian as a godchild. Adrienne is pretty freaking awesome too. I think I'm going to adopt her, as well. No one has to know, right?

I bought them a two-pack of Veggie Tales dvds, and Adrienne started smiling and geeking out as soon as she saw the pictures on the cover, despite the fact that neither of them has ever seen VT. I take that as a good sign. She spent the next hour chewing on the dvd case.

I think my favorite thing about these babies, other than the fact that they're usually happy and good natured and lovey adorable awesome, is that when they get tired they both put their fingers in their mouths and grab their ears. Ian sucks on the first two fingers of his right hand, and then grabs his ear with his left. Adrienne sucks on her left thumb, and grabs her ear with her right hand. Sitting in their car seats they're almost like mirror images of each other. Iloveit.

In other news, last night after the twins were in bed Lindsey and I went out, as I had decided that I owed her a pedicure. (I took her to get one before the babies were born, and she went and payed for hers before I was finished with mine. Wtf.) So I bought us each a spa pedicure and she bought us each a French manicure, and it is awesome. I have decided that I love French manicures. My stubby little fingernails have never looked prettier. Pretty nails, ftw. ^_^

ALSO I'm staying at Pete's (Lindsey's manfriend's) apartment as there is no room at Lindsey's house, and he has an army cot which I am getting to sleep on, and it is great. I love army cots. I also love Pete's cat, Juliet. She thinks she's a dog.

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  1. That sounds amazing!!! The babies sound so so very cute. Spa stuff is fun - I'm glad you guys got to go out just the two of you, as well! I'm also so very happy that you like staying at Pete's! I heard you weren't staying with Lindsey because her (brother?) was there? And then I was all =(( for you... But it sounds like this is good, so yay!

    Cats who think they're dogs are the best.