Friday, April 30, 2010

I don't have much thought behind this--was just looking around Google, thinking of poems possibly to replace the DMB lyric in the box beneath my facebook profile picture, and thought to look up a poem about beauty. As though searching "beauty" would turn up anything worthwhile on an internet dominated by pornographers and amateur poets like myself. So I started writing with very little thought and no aim, and then did more immediate editing than I might've liked, and somewhat changed the structure I had started with, and and and whatever. Here.

Beauty stretches,
beauty sighs,
beauty turns and skin
in dappled moonlight, and
into a cloud pillow.
Sweet air breathes
through the window curtains,
sweeps through the
still room, and wraps the sleeping
in deep
night darkness,
safe and
soft and

The biggest problem, of course, with immediate editing, more precisely with immediate editing online or on a computer, is that the original draft is immediately and irretrievably lost. I never remember this until after it has happened again.

And I know that every poetry teacher I have ever had, if they had graves, would be rolling over in them at my inexplicable love of ending lines with prepositions and conjunctions and adjectives. I don't know why, okay? I just like to do it. It just feels better. Poetry is, tonight I say, about doing what I want with the words I want. So there.

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