Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here, let me remember some of these things that I keep thinking about writing and then forgetting to write lately.

1: My contacts weren't ruined after all! Only unusable for two days. Did I mention how glad I was to have brought my glasses to Lafayette?

2. I had been pushing from my mind for days the fact that "Big Bill," my godmother's husband, dropped dead on Saturday morning, but that was less possible once the visitation and funeral rolled around. I still can't believe he's gone--as in, I kept looking around for him at his own visitation, funeral, and funeral reception. I can't even imagine how my godmother, who had been with him since she was fifteen and he seventeen, must be feeling. He was 71. She must feel like her world is coming down.
Evidently he had had this heart condition for years, and almost everyone except myself knew that one of these days his heart would stop.
      I am really tired of, after people die, wishing that I had known them better. Will I ever learn?

3.Went to dinner with a friend from college yesterday, and might hang out again today. Should be fun, if we can meet up again. And I've never been to a museum opening..

4. Angela called yesterday and invited me and Jr to dinner tonight! I need to ask Kelly, as A.doesn't have her number. Keep forgetting.

5. Did I mention how I had totally worn myself out over the past weekend/April, thus causing a temporary depression? Perhaps not. I did. I'm really just glad I recognized the reason behind it. Anyway, I should probably slow down. Good thing I'm going to multiple dinners and a funeral this week, and then possibly FroRo this weekend, and then my birthday on Sunday (really should make plans for that..), and then Chris is visiting the week after next, and then Sara is coming home, and then Larry and Ryan are coming to visit, and then there is Susannah's wedding, and then Camp and then the beach and then more Camp. GREAT. You know? Nothing I want to miss at all, but certainly not a schedule that encourages much relaxation. Oh, also Kelly wants us to go tan at Vabeach before the wedding, and that sounds good if we can find the time. Oh yeah and I'll be doing TESL class make-ups for 9 hours a day Saturday and Sunday during the third and fourth weekends in May. Pretty awesome, right? I thought so too. God help me.


  1. Wow... that does sound like a lot happening! Particularly when you list is all out like that. Maybe that isn't such a good idea. :-) You know, just know when each is happening, and look forward to it rather than putting them all out so as to realize how crazy it's going to be?
    So I hope you can recover a bit before things turn once more to the frantic! I figure when I visit we'll aim for the low key.
    Besides, don't forget that sometimes it's far better to be crazy busy than it is to have too much time on your hands. :-)

  2. I'm with you 100% on all that. As long as you don't forget to bring "The Gods Must Be Crazy."

  3. Um I want to tan at VA beach before the wedding tooooo!!! =D haha, yeah you have tons and tons and tons going on. You should schedule yourself in, too... Because self time is just as important as all of those other things.

  4. Sounds good to me! Beach, I mean. And you're right about mew time, but I feel like hanging out with lots of awesome people does count for something.