Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Filing taxes sucks. It's not even the paying that I dislike so much, though I definitely can't say I'm a fan of that, ESPECIALLY this year, because here's the deal. I was on my own, taking care of myself, for a year. The problem is that that year was halfway in 2008 and halfway in 2009, and for the other halves of those years I was a dependent, and so my parents want to claim me as a dependent. Know what that means? That means I get taxed to hell and back for everything I made, because apparently I wasn't spending a dime of it. The $600+ I spent on interest alone toward my college loans? Doesn't count, because I'm a dependent. That $250 check everyone else is getting in the mail from Obama? I don't get that, because I'm a dependent. Let me tell you, it's really good times.

My point originally though was that I can never seem to get this stuff right. It doesn't seem to be that complicated! Enter the information, click done, hit send, voila. But something (um, mainly that half-year dependent status shit) always messes me up. Or questions like "how much was your refund last year?" Hell if I know! Dammit! I've been trying to get this stuff done for hours and I can't even file yet because I'm still waiting on a copy of the return I incorrectly filed last year and still need to amend because I tried to file as independent, because I was, and then my mom claimed me as a dependent, because I had been. So awesome.

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  1. I am really dreading my student loan and visa apps. I think I am doomed to get something very, very wrong on those.