Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My brain doesn't feel organized enough right now to write anything, but I've been wanting to or feeling like I should, so hereIgo.

It's funny how songs that have always seemed pretty meaningless can turn true sometimes. This past weekend it was that BSB song (and in case anyone besides Sara was wondering and didn't want to listen, there are lyrics available online. I didn't listen to it either), and this morning it was "Goodbye To You" by Michelle Branch. Not that I'm anywhere near so ready to say goodbye to anything as she seems to be, but I think I could say that most of the rest of it lines up pretty well with, uh, me. Tonight I saw "Glee" for the first time, and it was interesting how relevant "Hello Goodbye" seemed. I don't really know where I was going with that. I'm just interested in the way different things stand out to us when we're at different points in our lives. Different things seem meaningful or important depending on what we have experienced or are experiencing.

In other news, Kelly and I went shopping today (as she was so nice as to give up her shopping trip yesterday to help me leave Chloe a car), and I finally got Ian a Bible. Unfortunately it seems to cost $10 less on the website than it did in the store. Somebody remind me not to shop at the Christian bookstore in the mall. Good thing I have a member card now. I tried on a sweet dress at Charlotte Russe (I had never been into the store and was curious) and then didn't buy it, and now am having second thoughts. But on the plus side, Kelly and I each got jackets in packets from Old Navy on sale! For $4! Hers is gray and mine is superawesomegreen.

By the way, Glee is awesome.
"What do you guys say when you answer the phone?"
"Who dis is?"
"No, she's dead. This is her son."
Enough said.

Daniel, if you are reading, I hope Korea is awesome. I am waiting for blog or buzz posts about being in Korea. Everyone, Daniel is in Korea! It's like I have a spy over there to see what it would be like to go. Or at least it would be, if he'd hurry up and post more stuff. So far I know that if you fly over there, the admins of your school or whatever will book you in a sex motel (featuring erotic murals) the night before you move into your apartment. Awesome.

And Chris, I'm sorry I couldn't pick up the phone! I was buying my future godson a Bible. Talk tomorrow? Evidently tonight I am too tired/lazy to send actual emails to people.

Love to all. Goodnight.

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  1. So in response to your comments about having second thoughts on the dress: While I was working the summer in Raleigh (three years ago? Four?) I was in the REI there and stumbled across this cute little knife (yeah, yeah - me and knives). Anyways, I thought it was fantastic - but then I chided myself since I already had a bunch of knives, and didn't *really* need another. So I put it back, and went on my way. Later that week I was still thinking about it, and how cute it had seemed. Later the NEXT week I was STILL thinking about it. At that point, after having spent almost two full weeks thinking about this cute little $17 knife I didn't buy, I decided that it was calling to me - and so the first thing I did when I got off that Friday was drive back out to the REI and I buy the knife. And you know what? I still carry it on me just about every day (typically either that one, or less frequently one of two others).
    Not saying any of this has any bearing on your situation - but it was what jumped into my head and I thought I'd share (just in case you're still having second thoughts in a couple weeks) :-)