Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How about some notes? Anyone? It's lonely..

Okay, well today. Today started out pretty bad (plus last night I dreamed about excessive vomiting/intestinal vacation, and then the house I was vomiting in was on fire. On the plus side, two guys dragged me out so I didn't burn to death), but it picked up considerably. Kelly and I want to see "How To Train Your Dragon (in 3D!) after I got off work, and it was still awesome. After that she came with me to bring dinner to Chloe and my dad at school and see Chloe's art show, which looked great. I don't feel like posting pictures at the moment, though I took a few. Maybe later.

Faith is sitting on my lap/hands as I type, and is totally about to bite me.

After that we went to Art and Beth's apartment for dinner, which was really nice, and really fun. I hadn't really hung out with just them before, even though they've been married for years now. I guess interesting is the word I'm looking for. Dinner was good, though one of my first bites was so hot that I blistered the roof of my mouth. How old am I again? I mentioned the recent frozen yogurt escapades, and then Art excitedly made some frozen yogurt. He's an enthusiastic guy. It's great. After dinner we put the address labels on all of then envelopes that we stuffed on Saturday so they can finally go out to everyone who's on the mailing list to get information about the Alumni Retreat this summer.

Speaking of which, I almost forgot--Brian said I can take the summer off! Turns out that he didn't realize that that was what I wanted, somehow--he thought I was talking about taking a second job. When I explained again he said, "Oh, yeah! That would be great!" So that's a huge weight off my chest, and also means I can go to the beach with Sara! (Though Sara, I might have to come a couple of days late--would that be acceptable? I def. don't want to miss the 4th, but it might be kind of sucky for me to leave early when obviously I'm not the only one who wants to do stuff that day.)

Not sure what else I wanted to say. I'm still sad about David and me and still confused, and actually last night I (with annoyance) felt as though I was living a Backstreet Boys song*. But the distractions of life here make it easier to feel okay.

Also: Ian's baptism is this weekend! Lafayette is next weekend! How in the world is that possible?

*Having looked up the lyrics, I can tell you that it's called "Back To Your Heart."

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  1. Lol, I'm definitely interested in knowing which bsb song it is, but I don't think I can bring myself to listen to it. Maybe you could post a poignant verse or something so I can avoid that, ><.

    I want to see pics from the art show! So if you wanted to post those, that would be super duper awesome.

    I'm sorry you burned your mouth. What did you eat? And what kind of frozen yogurt did Art make? I bet it was delicious.

    Coming to Nags Head anytime is great, and you'd probably have a lot less traffic if you came down after the fourth. I mean, maybe just as much but hopefully not. It definitely depends on schedules and stuff, because if it makes more sense to come a certain day than the other, than do that!

    I'm glad you have super awesome stuff coming up for the next couple weekends =D.

    I went back and typed the comments I had in my brains for the last few entries. I guess I had just been getting lazy >< I'm sorry! I still read/check at least once a day, I was just slacking.