Friday, April 30, 2010

Update to the stuff-I-want list:

-EnV 3 Verizon phone
-Plywood scraps (to paint on)
-Acrylic paints in tubes or bottles--not pots.
-Thickish* wire, copper or silver. I know nothing about wire, really, or wire widths. I just want to try hammering it and making easy/interesting jewelry or, um, something.

In other news, I took a nap today and it didn't even make me any less tired at all. Wtf.

And a quote, provided by Angela, from a student:
Student: "I been got mine's."
Angela: "You have gotten yours?"
Student: "That don't sound right. Miss P, you be talkin ghetto!"

I can't really decide whether to laugh or cry...

*Evidently, "thickish" is an actual word. No spell check notification!


  1. also, acrylic paints come in an insane number of colors.... >.>

  2. Umm... there was a audible cry that escaped my lips as I read the quote. True Story.

    Also: "Thickish - somewhat thick" (OED)

    Oh! You want to try the hammered wire rings? Those seem pretty awesome, but I haven't had a chance to try making one - thought I've seen a couple of descriptions. You'll have to let me know how it goes if you get the chance. :-)

  3. ...replace the above 'a' with 'an' *sighs* bloody typos...

  4. Sara, I love you too and I was thinking of basic colors, I guess. Not all that crazy stuff. I don't have space for all that, even if it was necessary.

    And Chris, I had been thinking more along the lines of spirals and designs? But rings would be cool too. I'll let you know. Maybe we can try it when you're here!
    And yeah, typos are annoying..

  5. you guys should practice on rings that fit me =D.

  6. I will certainly keep that in mind. :)