Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aaaand I am 24! Happy birthday to me!

For some reason this year I am suddenly very excited about my birthday, but at the same time I don't really have any plans. This is upsetting to me--more so than is probably normal and more so than I'd like to admit to myself. I just am bad at planning things, at knowing what I want, etc. It doesn't help that (no guilt trips here, I promise) most of the people I'd most like to spend my birthday with are unavailable to me. It happens, I guess. But Kelly and Jr and I took the dogs to the park today, and that was fun. I'm hoping not to wake up covered in poison ivy--but at least if I did, I feel like Sara and I would be sort of even. Jellowjackets and poison ivy are comparable, right?

I caught a frog today--first of the season.
I heard a cicada yesterday--same deal.
Tonight we have the exhaust fan on, for the first time this year. I get excited about these kinds of things. Happy. Happy about anything that means that summer is coming again. (Everything, that is, except ticks and poison ivy.)

I was writing the other day, and posted it somewhere else, about how I want to make paint, and paint my face and my body. But for what? To do what? To go where? I don't know, and I don't know why. I just do. I just want colors all over me. I want colors all over everything, and I want to sculpt some stuff. This is a thought that has just come into my mind, so please excuse the unformed (no pun intended) nature of the idea. Just stuff. Clay, paper mache, wire, I don't know. I want to take things in my hands that don't look like much of anything, and then I want to bend and roll and squeeze and mold them until, possibly, they do look like things. I need to do something with my hands.


  1. I got really excited about my birthday this year too, for no real explicable reason. Birthdays are fun, and birthdays when it seems as if summer is actually almost here are even better!

    I really hope you don't get a poison ivy present for your birthday. Waking up to stings wasn't fun, and I feel like mine would be more fleeting than if you woke up to itchy stuff everywhere ><.

    Crafts sound like a fantastic idea. I can't wait until I accumulate a bunch of crafty things so that when I feel like doing a spur of the moment project like that I've got all the fixings for it in the room that will be in the future designated as my craft spot. I can dream, right?

    I hope you have a super happy wonderful awesome birthday!

  2. Hey when I called you this morning it was weird--the phone stopped ringing and I heard an odd noise (a sigh?)and then nothing, and then the phone disconnected. So if I woke you up, I'm sorry! Just wanted to say hi. And also to complain a little about guys at church who can't seem to stand letting a girl/woman put away chairs all by herself. As soon as I picked up a chair (or, if I moved fast enough, three), some guy came up and offered to take them. If I told him I was fine, as soon as he left another would come up and grab them out of my hand. But I thought I shouldn't hit anybody in church, so eventually I just let go of the chairs and walked out.