Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foods that are delicious when paired with pretty much any other foods:

Raw onions
Ranch dressing
Orange juice

Next topic. Here is what I wrote yesterday.

Today has been long.

Did a fair amount of cooking at work, with plans all the while to run straight from the back door of the shop to my bed, and sleep all day.

But my car inspection went out with April, so I went downtown to my uncle's shop instead, and did some hanging around and some driving around and dropping off and picking up.

Kelly called from our house in the midst of all this to say that my birthday present had arrived and she had come to drop it off.

It was Glee, season 1 volume 1! OH MY GOODNESS.

We watched 3 hours of Glee tonight. No big deal.
     I missed dinner at home. So I made two of the veggie burgers (Morningstar, spicy black bean burgers, oh so good) with pepperjack cheese and raw yellow onion (I love raw onion on, um, almost anything. Is that weird?) for my 10 pm dinner. So delicious.

And walked Miley (she was so good), and wrote a letter to David that I might send sometime in the mail, and tried to put this online and email Jr, but my internet has inexplicably stopped working, so I guess it'll all happen tomorrow. [Edit: that would be now.]


*I am winning lots of friends here. I can tell.

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