Thursday, May 13, 2010

What if I start referring to David as You-Know-Who? Like Lord Voldemort*. Get some humor up in this jank.

Anyway, I miss talking to You-Know-Who (possibly, hereafter referred to as YKW, for convenience) all the time. We were exchanging slightly depressing emails recently (I mean, what other kind are we going to exchange at this point?), but now are not. And by that I mean, not today. And I miss them just like I missed the sweet getting-to-know-who-you-are emails I looked for between every class in my dorm room in 2006. And the worst part is that in reality, no matter what I keep trying to tell myself and no matter how hard I wish in my craven little heart, we're probably not going to work out. I want, I don't want. He wants, he doesn't want. And little don't wants equal big doesn't happen, babydoll. Maybe someday I'll figure that out.

*No offense, David. No, seriously. You have very little in common with Lord Voldemort. For starters, you're a muggle.

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