Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I am so tired, but I don't want to sleep. Maybe I'm reveling in this alone time, soaking it up like the thirstiest sponge. Aside from sleeping and bathing, I haven't been alone in almost two weeks, and I mean that literally. Two weekends ago I was in class for 18 hours, and then Larry and Ryan arrived before I got home from class on Sunday. They left the following Sunday morning after I went to class, and then Chris arrived before I came home from class. I love all three of those guys, but so much people time takes its toll on an introvert. (Not to mention the fact that I spent the entire week before L and R came trying to recover from seeing David the weekend before.)

So yeah, Chris is heading home tomorrow or Thursday and it's been a really nice visit, but I'm definitely looking forward to recharging. Someday. Maybe it would  help to paint. Maybe it will help to go to the beach with Kelly and Sara, if we can get it together and get there. I would love to lie in the sun and feel the hot sand and hear the waves crash, and stop worrying about what to do and who likes who and where I need to be and who I need to entertain and what I need to keep from thinking about. Sometimes I feel like if I listen to wild water long enough, the sound will wash out my head. And I've got a few wounds that could use a good salt cleansing. So many thanks and praises be to God for the ocean. And for friends. And for girl friends.

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