Monday, May 10, 2010

For all the doubters out there, a.k.a. Sara, I moved the hell out of that couch, and I did it by myself because nobody else was home, and nobody else in this house really likes moving furniture anyway. Before I moved the couch I brought from RMA though I had to make space for it by loading the other fold out couch (which is smaller, and yet, against all reason, far heavier than the first) onto the hand truck and maneuvering it through the rec room, laundry room, and art studio into a different part of the basement. Then I could unload the tv and armchair from the truck, and then I could unload the second fold out couch from the truck. Unfortunately, it didn't fit through the basement doorway on its feet, and it didn't fit through on its back, so I had to stand it up on its end and inch it through bit by bit without breaking the glass panes in the door. Getting that thing into place was extremely satisfying, and now I can say, whenever it's being moved out and people start complaining about how it doesn't fit through the door, "What's wrong with you guys? I moved this sofa in here by myself with nothing but sweat and magic."

Then I walked the dog. After I shower, I will try out my new ace bandage. Many thanks to my injured wrist for holding out all afternoon.


  1. Wow! That is badass. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do that, haha. That's amazingly awesome.

  2. Why thank you. Hand trucks do help, when you can get them. (Immensely helpful with the little couch, but not much use with yours except for a bit at the very end where I had to rotate it.)