Thursday, May 27, 2010

Also, I really need to stop badmouthing people and complaining. I can't believe people have been putting up with me. I keep ragging on people--mainly my family--all the time lately, and although I'm almost certain that it's an expression of my frustration with my life at this point, it is completely inappropriate. More importantly, it's really mean. Anyone reading can feel free to pinch me or punch me or get on my case if they hear me complaining about my brother or my mom or my sister or my dad. If they hear me complaining about anyone, of course, but it's most likely to be one of those four.


  1. I've always read such comments to be a form of venting - which can be a terribly important aspect of small group dynamics (and what is a family if not a really tight small group?). So I think that in this sort of setting it's alright, particularly because it's better to vent some of that than to hold onto it until it explodes. The problem is when you find yourself always thinking in such terms, or when it explodes anyways.
    Aside from all that - I think close families are amazing. And can also be utterly frustrating. No one can get under your skin like those you love the most. So try not to beat yourself up about it, and work on seeing the good rather than the frustrating. :-)

  2. It is venting, but it is too much venting and it is venting to too many people.