Thursday, May 13, 2010

David, David, David, David, David. This David thing...

There's a high ropes course I did once, I think at the Rockbridge Young Life camp in high school. At the end you're 50 (100? It was a long time ago) feet up, and they hook you into a swing and drop you off the ledge, and you swing back and forth in a huge crescent until gravity finally holds you at the bottom. That's sort of what this feels like, only the literal swing was significantly more fun.

Tonight it's been raining. It's stopped now actually, and I'm a little annoyed because I'd have fallen asleep more easily an hour ago, hearing the rain, than I will in 30 minutes. But the point is that no one wanted to walk Miley, including me, so we agreed to just let her out for a little while. You know? It's funny the things fatigue will do to your brain.
Strangely, she started barking within about 45 seconds. Yeah, weird, I know. And she didn't even come back when we called her. So unlike her. Mind you, this is after midnight. So I am out in the yard, and then in the street, barefoot in boxers and a t-shirt, stalking the dog. I followed her into a yard across the street that she seemed pretty infatuated with, and stayed quiet and waited and prayed until she finally ran close enough for me to get her. I am so glad she can't see for crap in the dark.
So anyway, it's a good thing I saved myself some time and energy by not walking the dog in the rain. Good times. On the other hand, catching a Jack Russel via mad ninja skills is pretty satisfying.

In other news, Larry called earlier and said that he and Ryan would be leaving tomorrow! So, no one really knows when that means they'll get here, as they plan to take back roads and camp and do whatever they want along the way. But possibly Monday? Ish? And that's cool, though slightly stressful. (They should be here about a week. But we don't really know.) I guess we'll do day trips and parks and maybe head to the beach for a little while.  That is, dear God, please help me make myself actually do entertaining things with my friends, rather than sit around the house in an "I dunno, what do you want to do?" circle.

Mad ninja skills.


  1. Um, those are crazy amazing mad ninja skills. That's now twice this week that I've been super impressed with your superhuman physical abilities.