Friday, May 14, 2010

Thanks to everyone for thus far not egging my house, even though I whine all the time. I really appreciate it.

Today started out super sucky, with lots and lots of moping. Listening to the AM 910 sports radio personalities talk on and on and freaking on about LeBron James and basketball and even fricking Red Stripe beer (on sports radio? Seriously?) really didn't help. Eventually though I cut out the moping--work is good for that, thank goodness--and had a reasonably enjoyable rest of my last day. I sold $70 worth of grouper! And $68 worth of Canadian salmon. Go me. Bank after work, Patient First after bank, driving fast with the windows down, eyeing men in pickup trucks and on motorcycles, singing with Damien Kulash.

I have decided that I love Patient First. I came in with no appointment, checked in, checked up, got two x-rays, talked to a radiologist, and walked out only 90 minutes older and $20 lighter. Yes. I am a fan. Turns out that my ankle may indeed have been broken last year, but my wrist probably is not. I almost wish it had been the other way around--not that my wrist were broken, but that I had gotten an x-ray for the more serious injury when it was fresh. I hope that my ankle will stop giving me trouble someday, but I'm not holding my breath.

My birthday presents from Sara came in the mail today! Everything I need to make wire jewelry, except talent! Very exciting.

Lastly (so far), I've been making a list of stuff-to-do options for when Larry and Ryan visit, and for when Chris visits, though less so for Chris as he'll be recouping still, and has already been to DC and stuff. L and R on the other hand have never been here, and I doubt they've been to DC or to an Atlantic beach.

List. Feel free to add suggestions. Even if you're one of those sneaky non-noting readers! I could overlook your presence just this once, if you have anything to add. I'm talking to you Johnny, David, Andrew, maybe Inigo, and whoever the heck else is lurking around. Ahem. List:

Mt Vernon

Va Beach
Nags Head

Camp/Jimmy and Missy's
Carter Mountain/berry picking

Pony Pasture
Bell Isle
Canal Walk/Tredegar/Poe Museum



  1. Williamsburg and Jamestown are both worthy, as is Virginia Beach. I can't say I'd recommend Nags Head, simply because it's such a haul and there's not an enormous amount of things to do there other than the beaches (though it does have the best beaches on the Atlantic coast).

    In Richmond, you might think about the newly reopened Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Apparently it's huge. And it's free.

    I also enjoyed visiting some of the James River plantations back in the day (Shirley, Berkley, etc.), but their suitability depends on your interest in history.

    I assume by "Byrd" that you mean the theater and not the park. If so, good choice.

    If you run out of things to do (or if you're looking for a change of pace), I know a couple of guys who own a large, distinctly-Virginian fishing boat. It's grand for cruising and... fishing.

  2. Museum! I forgot!

    And the boat--of course! Not sure what I was thinking. I'll ask them.