Thursday, May 27, 2010

The beach with Kelly and Sara and Brian was nice. There were some fish sculptures and more fish in bas-relief along the boardwalk, all of which I liked and none of which I photographed. I burned a little, despite a shiny new bottle of spf 30 Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen. In retrospect, it probably would have helped if I hadn't gotten into the water 15 minutes after applying said sunscreen. It also would have helped if I had ever convinced myself to put more sunscreen on after swimming. Are there really people who do that? I guess there are probably lovey couples who use frequent sunscreen application as an excuse to keep their hands all over each other, but I mean other than them. Is there anyone who doesn't find sunscreen application such a massive pain in the butt? I am trying to recall an occasion upon which I put sunscreen on more than one time, but I'm drawing a blank. I guess that's bad.

Through the storm clouds rolling in tonight the moon looks like a black eye. Like somebody walked up and punched the night sky in the face--that or the night sky got dehydrated and sunburned at the beach* and then passed out in the bathroom, which is how I got my last black eye. That's not very glamorous though, and somewhat less badass, so maybe we should look for another explanation.

*Not today. Several years ago.

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