Sunday, May 9, 2010

Okay, well that was really hard. A little like riding out a hurricane in a treetop.

On the plus side, I always sleep better after sobbing uncontrollably, on the hall floor or elsewhere.

We did go to Dino Land, and that was good. Jr had never been. We got shirts this time. We also saw Iron Man 2, which was decent. David and I actually talked today, which was a good thing. I had been terrified to talk to him honestly, because I was afraid of what I might hear. It wasn't quite as bad as I feared (or else I am lying to myself, which is a possibility). But it still hurts a lot. My mom is pretty much demonizing David for hurting me, despite my best efforts toward explaining that he isn't doing anything deliberately hurtful. My dad is tempted, but is resisting, and remembering that David is a good guy. I'm glad. I wish I could help my mother understand that this just hurts. It isn't because anyone is bad. Sometimes things just have to hurt for a while. I'm sure she knows that, but she's having a lot of trouble applying it to her firstborn.

In other news, I screwed up my wrist while moving the fold-out couch by myself. David had gone to do something for a minute and we didn't know Jr was in the building, so I started moving the couch out of the office and onto the hand truck so it could be moved out of the building. Unfortunately, in standing the thing on its end and trying to get the legs past the door jam, I got my hand and wrist sort of stuck momentarily between the steel door frame and the bottom of the sofa, and came close to breaking it. I had thought this merely a "close call," but an hour or two later I realized that it was actually injured, and now it hurts to twist it at all. Good times.

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  1. Dino land sounds really, really cool and I want to see your t-shirt. I'm glad you got a chance to talk to David.. and I'm glad that thus far you think it wasn't as bad as you feared? Assuming you're not blocking it out...

    I can see how it would be tough for your mom, too. I mean, you love David, and so does she... So when this stuff happens, it's not just the two of you breaking up, but your family as well. And having someone to blame just makes getting over/through it so much easier. But you're both amazing people, and neither of you are at fault, at all.

    I can't believe you tried to move that couch by yourself!!!!!! IT'S TOO HEAVY!!!

    It's so so so much too heavy to move it more than dragging it a short way across the room. I am so glad that it's not broken, and I'm really sorry that it's banged up and hurts =S.

    <3 Tell me when the rest of the stuff gets in!