Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I seem to have this thing about having things for guys when they're around. And "things for guys" I of course mean in the "I have a thing for you" way, rather than the "here is an object I would like to give to you" way. Cases in point:

I love/loved/whatever David when we were together, and I am fucking wrecked when we are or have recently been together (in close proximity), but then when I'm away from him for a while I'm pretty much okay.

I had forgotten until they arrived, but I've had a thing for Larry pretty much since we met. I mean, we met when we were 9 and 10, but we started talking about five years ago I guess. That's fine when I'm in Va and he's in Arkansas, but when we're staying in the same house it's a little bit of an issue. Unfortunately, or probably fortunately actually, considering my state of heartbreak and our geological proximity, my crush is unrequited.

I am so glad they came though. I mean aside from finally getting that "I've had a thing for you every time I see you forever and you are infuriatingly unreadable" thing off my chest, it was great to see them both.

Um, did I write about this before? Ryan and Larry, Erickson brothers, came to visit last Sunday, and stayed till this Sunday morning. We all sucked at finding stuff to do, for reals. Monday we did...nothing. Tuesday I think we got Thai food and cupcakes and went to the VMFA, and Wednesday went to St John's church downtown. Or the other way around. Thursday we went up to Jimmy and Missy's for caving and baby lamb feeding, and it was during the caving trip that I cranked up the awkwardness. Luckily there was distracting stuff to do, like not smashing into sharp rocks.

And now Chris is here! Want to know what we did today?


  1. I have had 0 energy since about a week before we started packing to drive back here. I totally commiserate in not wanting/deciding to do stuff.

    I'm sorry the awkwardness level was sky high while everything was going on last week, but it's better to get it out (imo) than be completely uncertain.

    Do you have plans for tomorrow?

  2. Yeah it's been sort of unbelievable.

    Yeah me too, but it just lasted a few minutes, during the "I like you but not like that" conversation. Then I said something along the lines of "So, did you want to cave further or head back?" and changed the subject, and everything was cool (relatively speaking) as soon as my legs started working properly again.

    Tomorrow I'm not sure. Chris may still be here (undecided) but we haven't decided anything to do specifically, except probably be outside. You?