Monday, May 31, 2010

Title numero dos.

It is perfect road trip weather today. On the way back from the bank this afternoon I listened to one of the cds I made Larry eight hundred years ago and then never mailed, and I listened to it as loudly as I could without my speakers spazzing out, and I sang along and made up choreography as I hurtled forward along Huguenot road, and it just about killed me to head home and not just drive on forever enveloped in college-loved rock music and 98 degree summer air. I almost died.

Have any of you ever read style rookie? A natural phenomenon on legs. A prodigy. Tavi's in eighth grade and she writes about fashion and life with such style and smoothness and flat-out unbelievable talent that I follow her blog, even though, as I said, she writes about fashion. I really could give a crap about fashion. But she is truly brilliant and you should just give her a try.

At the moment I'm trying to do some playlist work--remake those cds I did for Larry way back in prehistoric times on another computer, and burn a long-overdue birthday mix for that one girl I hang out with a lot. I got up to talk to my dad for a second and I knocked down the French press I picked up for Camp earlier this year. It was glass. I am a little annoyed. The cd stuff is going well though. Now if only I can maintain my focus and get it done despite Mom and Chloe wanting my help with packing Chloe's birthday/memorial day picnic cooler. Multitasking practice, go.

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