Monday, September 20, 2010

attn: Association of English Majors

I saw one of these books years and years ago in some random store, and I don't remember why I didn't pick it up. I wrote the website down but lost it, and later was unable to find it on Yahoo!. (This was pre-Google. It was that* long ago.) I remembered it, and found it just now:

Are you a librarian? A teacher? An English major? A literature lover? Semi-literate?

If so, go to the website.

I really want there to be an English class somewhere that uses this as a project. Maybe my dad could try something with it...

*I do apologize for the italics-oriented fixation I seem to have picked up lately. Maybe there's a cream for it or something.


  1. Nope, no cream. You just have to hope it goes away on it's own - kinda like me and that comma epidemic I had for years. :-)

  2. Yeah I guess you're right. It's almost like some kind of transmissible disease--I still struggle with commas. Is it going too far to compare this to herpes?

  3. I love you. I'm so ashamed at how bad I've been with notes the past few days. I mean, heck, I check to see if you've updated at least every time I open up my computer so at the min 4-5 times a day? You're in my rotation. And then I generally check around time times of day I think you'll post if I think of it. However, when I see the anticipated post, I read it and then don't comment. It's really a problem.

    In any case, I feel the same way you do about TP and alz. I'm totally fascinated in a semi-horrible way. It's kind of how I feel about parenting/childbirth problems or failures in healthcare. I want to read everything about it but I'm saddened and a bit disgusted with some of the things that happen.

    I sadly couldn't watch the video b/c for w/e reason it's not available in the UK.

    I love bookcrossing. I think that would be an amazing place to start a project. If I am ever in the position to do so, I hope I'll use out of the box ideas as starting points for investigation.

    We had this amazing workshop today. One of the best takeaway messages was - it's best to be fast, dirty, and wrong, then slow, careful, and late. As in, it's way better to set short deadlines, work furiously, make mistakes and fail early, rather than work carefully and super slowly, trying to be perfect, then turn out something sub par, late, or wrong anyway.

  4. Which video? I feel like I've posted about 800 lately.

  5. Ah. It's about the Million Moderate March vs. the March to Keep Fear Alive.