Friday, September 17, 2010

A job.

A little bit of excellent news:

I have temporary employment. Beginning tomorrow I'll be helping some family friends re-paint their rental properties. I don't know how much work there will be or how much they'll pay me, but it sure beats sitting around the house, which actually pays nothing, if you were wondering.

I also heard that there's a coach who works at the same school as my father who has a sudden need for someone to watch her twin 18 month old boys after school. It's not really what I was looking for, but if she's still looking by the time I can get in touch with her (I've emailed but couldn't get her number), I'll take it. I'll also be leading a caving trip for a retreat next weekend with Maria, and possibly puppy-sitting again for a day.

In other news, here is something unsettling. I have no idea where Iva Messy gets her random smorgasbord of unrelated topics and information, but she does post some interesting stuff sometimes. This in particular is more of what's been thrown around for years now, but with some vague scientific backing and some specific names.

Also, an interview with Terry Pratchett, or at least an account thereof. For me this is like guiltily sneaking a piece of chocolate and hiding it behind the broccoli--I love reading things by or about TP, and I am so sad (for him and also for myself and my book collecting habits) that he has Alzheimer's, but at the same time there is a part of me that, when reading this, eagerly studies the psyche and coping mechanisms of a not-particularly-old man who has been diagnosed with the disease, and notes with interest the fact that he can still sign his name, but is otherwise unable to write at all. Brains are fascinating.*

Lastly, I'm not very big on politics, but I am all for this kind of humor.

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*If anyone is ever looking to buy me a present, please allow me to direct you to Oliver Sacks. I have already read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.

I never fail to be amazed by the tags I have not yet used. For example, in the past two weeks I must have looked for "humor" six times before finally just adding it to the list. (Don't ask me, I have no idea why.) Just now I could have sworn that there was a "stuff I want" tag, but I settled for "gifts." As though that'll help me find this post in the future.

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