Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spastic changes

I do have hopes that someday, on some website, I will find a template that I actually like. Or maybe, that I might even be able to choose my own background and color combinations. Perish the thought.

(Yes, Blogger does allow some freedom here; certainly more than was allowed when I joined. But I spent five minutes choosing one of my pictures to make a background before I realized that I could only choose from Blogger's own limited arsenal. Also, though there are color choices to be had, somehow text color isn't one of them. I am hoping that I'm overlooking something, because to be able to choose gadget text color but not body text color seems utterly ridiculous.)

In any case, here is what I wanted as my background (or at least, one of the photos in consideration), with a transparent body background so the picture would show through, and maybe some nice dark grey text. Not sure about that one; it would have taken a little experimentation. Still:


  1. um i love that picture, too. why not just be a photographer?? <3

  2. Actually last night Missy and I went through snapfish and favorited pictures that she thought I should print and sell at a festival up here in October. I was forgetting at the time that Oct is pretty packed already, but maybe by some miracle it'll be on a free weekend... Or I could do the maple festival? Who knows.

  3. Oh, I definitely think you should try that sometime! I really like a bunch of your photos - this one included. :-)