Sunday, September 19, 2010

I get to use the tag "work" on this post!

I prepped walls and painted primer for seven and a half hours today, and I listened through the entire Wrinkle in Time audiobook, as well as the entirety of the "Playing for Change" cd and most of the only "De Temps Antan" album that I own. Bossman left around... 4 maybe, I guess? So I was there for a good 4.5 hours by myself, and it was a little bit glorious. Possibly I could get used to this.

For dinner once I finally came home at 9:30, there was (is) delicious roasted chicken thighs with vegetables, and rice artfully overcooked so that it stays together in lumps. I rather like it that way, actually, so I suppose it isn't technically overcooked, after all.

At church this morning was a sweet-seeming man who played the electric keyboard and sang songs before and after the body of the service. When he was first up there he said something like, "I don't usually talk when I'm up here because I have a fear of communication, but I wanted to say that..." and the rest is lost to me. Typical, that I'd forget the part that's supposed to matter. I remembered the beginning though because, as some may know, a fairly sure way for a guy to attract my interest, at least momentarily, is to confess or seem to exude shyness. As soon as his songs were over this guy (Brian? His name started with a B) practically fled the stage without a word, and I watched to see where he sat.

After everything was over I went up and thanked him for singing, and he thanked me, saying that not many people ever say anything about it. He introduced himself, asked if I usually came to the services, I said sometimes, etc. He is shy. He seemed to be interested in talking to me but I was an emotional wreck at the time (had a five minute throwing stuff/crying fit as soon as I could get out of the building and hide out of sight of the parking lot), and neither of us had much to say. He seemed very sweet though. Unfortunately I couldn't really judge his age and don't really have any way to find out without seeming like a complete creep/jerk. I guess I'll see him in a couple of weeks though, as I'll be leading a caving trip up at Camp this weekend.

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